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*The doctor who developed the protocol and the program holds Medical Degrees (With Honors) from the University of London, England. He was trained in Neurosurgery at the Downstate University Hospitals of the State University of New York, where he was also an Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery. His scientific discoveries, medical research, and field experience in New York City are the basis of Weight-Right.Com, the world’s only LifetimeGuaranteedIP Weight Control ProgramIP. This is a success-guaranteed weight control program; it is not a medical practice.
Weight-Right.ComIP is part of the HealthiLiferIP Wellness Club
We guarantee your full satisfaction with our 120% money-back guarantee
CAUTION: The “easy and mild behavior modification protocol developed by a *New York City-trained Neurosurgeon” utilized by Weight-Right-Com is an unpublished, private, intellectual property protected by Perpetual Copyrights worldwide. Anyone,who utilizes the protocol without the written consent of the doctor who developed it, acknowledges that he/she is violating perpetual copyrights enforceable in any jurisdiction. For lawful authorization, please go to the Client Center and send us a message. Thanks.
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